Patients  | Greene County


Questions about Care

If you or your family have questions about your care, please ask your nurse. 

Patient Meals

Typical patient meal times are by 7:45 a.m. for breakfast; 11:45 a.m. for lunch and 5:45 p.m. for dinner.

Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available as "GCMC-guest" on the medical center's first floor with limited availability elsewhere.

TV Channels

3 TV Guide
4 KCWI (CW) - Des Moines
5 WOI (ABC) - Des Moines
6 KDSM (FOX) - Des Moines
7 C-Span
8 KCCI (CBS) - Des Moines
9 Local Access
10 WGN-Chicago
11 KDIN (PBS) - Des Moines
12 ion Television
13 WHO (NBC) - Des Moines
14 GCMC Patient Channel
16 QVC
17 Home Shopping Network
18 C-Span 2

Guest Trays

You may purchase and have a guest tray delivered to a patient room by ordering at the main lobby receptionist and notifying the patient's nurse.

Vending Machines

Pop and snacks are offered in the vending machines in the cafeteria and near the outpatient entrance. Pop machines are also located near the Long Term Care east dining room.

Questions about Billing

For answers to questions about your insurance, billing or charges, please contact our business office.