Share Some Love with Greene County Medical Center Extended Care Patients This February

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Share a Valentine with Extended Care Patients at Greene

JEFFERSON, Iowa – There is nothing better than getting some surprise mail, and you can help brighten someone else’s day by giving them this surprise. Greene County Medical Center is asking you to join them in making this Valentine’s Day special for the six patients in Greene County Medical Center’s Extended Care program by showering them with valentines.

“Our patients loved receiving these uplifting and heartwarming messages from community members last year, and we would like to bring that same joy to them again this year,” said Activity Director, Amber Reed. “Please consider either dropping one or more valentines off at Greene County Medical Center’s main desk or mail to my attention at 1000 W. Lincoln Way in Jefferson.”

Any extra valentines received will be distributed to other patients on Valentine’s Day.

If you have questions or would like more information, you can contact Reed at 515-386-0638.