$2 Million Gift Jumpstarts "Investing in Tomorrow's Care" Capital Campaign

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A generous anonymous private gift to the Greene County Medical Center Foundation started the “Investing in Tomorrow’s Care” $4 million capital campaign with a $2 million dollar gift, taking the campaign past the 50% mark before it really got started.  Chief Executive Officer Carl Behne noted, “When we were made aware that this anonymous gift was being made, we felt that making it part of our capital campaign would benefit the entire community in a very visible and meaningful way.”

Greene County Medical Center Foundation Director Hollie Roberts has been working tirelessly the last several months with Justin Tolan, chief fundraising advisor for the consulting firm ME&V.  Their behind the scenes work has led to the formation of an “Investing in Tomorrow’s Care” capital campaign steering committee made up of community members throughout the county; they have been meeting since mid-December.

The committee is co-chaired by community leaders John Gerken and Rick Morain.  Gerken noted his commitment to the project stems from his desire to “pay back” the community.  He stated, “Greene County has been a great place for Nancy and me to raise our children, and has provided me a wonderful opportunity to practice law.  When asked to co-chair the Investing in Tomorrow’s Care campaign, I looked at it as a possible opportunity to pay back the area in some small way.”

Gerken continued, “After asking questions and reviewing the medical center’s expansion plans and the financing and business model supporting such steps, I readily agreed to work for its support.  Just as my family has benefited from the generous and forward thinking actions taken by previous generations, a capital campaign supporting the medical center can be another of the many positive developments under way which will benefit future Greene County residents.”

Initial campaign activities sought to secure 5-year pledge commitments from the medical center staff, as well as members of the medical center’s board of trustees and Foundation board.  The successful employee campaign led to commitments totaling $102,000.00 with 65% participation.  Board member commitments have topped $54,000 with 100% participation.

The steering committee is in the midst of making calls for leadership gifts to be pledged over a 5-year period.  At the time of a proposed groundbreaking in April, the campaign will be ready to begin its community phase with 5-year pledges being sought by those who want to support the expansion and renovation project.

Co-chair Rick Morain stated, “As Greene County Medical Center has expanded and added services over the past 75-plus years, I’ve watched it grow wing by wing, with no opportunity for an overall, user-friendly building design.  The medical center board of trustees has now approved an impressive $22.5 million expansion and remake of the entire complex which will improve access, provide more privacy and create significant efficiency benefits.”  He continued, “I look forward to a successful capital campaign in the months to come.”

“Investing in Tomorrow’s Care” campaign material includes a powerful video with patient testimonials and experiences.  It also explains the expansion and renovation plans in detail for potential donors to understand the scope of the project and its importance to the Greene County community.  The campaign video can be viewed here or under “Capital Campaign Video” on the home page.

Photo Caption:  The medical center’s “Investing in Tomorrow’s Care” capital campaign steering committee members include:  Front row: Mary Jane Fields (Paton/Jefferson), Jan Scharingson (Grand Junction), Sid Jones (Jefferson), John Muir (Rippey).  Back row: Foundation Assistant Renee Dunne, Dr. Steven Karber (Jefferson/Scranton), Gary Von Ahsen (Jefferson), Kevin Fitzpatrick (Churdan), Co-Chair John Gerken (Jefferson), Kim Bates (Scranton), Co-Chair Rick Morain (Jefferson), Jamie Daubendiek (Jefferson), Bill Raney (Jefferson) and Foundation Director Hollie Roberts.