2022 DAISY Award to Sandra Stoneburner


Sandra Stoneburner, RN from Long Term Care, was named Greene County Medical Center’s DAISY Award recipient at a ceremony Friday, May 6, 2022 at the Medical Center to begin recognizing and honoring nurses during National Nurses Week. There were eleven nurses nominated and recognized at the event.

“Our nursing staff are one of our best investments,” said Susan Moore, Greene County Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer. “We have a fantastic nursing staff here at the Medical Center and we are proud of the way they are Always Here, Always Caring for our patients. All of our DAISY Honorees are deserving of their nominations.”

Sandra’s nomination letter stated, “Sandra is always so helpful and if you don’t understand something she is nice and helpful when explaining. She is always watching out for others and making sure people are doing their jobs. She praises staff and makes it known that she appreciates them. She makes sure to ask all of the appropriate questions for charting and examines the residents thoroughly.”

Sandra has worked as an RN at the Medical Center since January 2020, working nights in Long Term Care.

“Sandra has a passion for the residents and dedicates her time to providing patient-centered care to the residents every day,” said Long Term Care Director Lori Harrah. “Sandra is always willing to help and sets an example for new employees. She has worked in Long Term Care a long time, and she continues to show her dedication to this field and to the residents.”

Other nominees recognized at the May 6 event were Gina Geisler, Terry Rottinghaus and Abby Skoglund from Acute. Jacque Rittgers, Sarah Hoffman, Terri Holmes, Anita Fitzpatrick, Teresa Morlan, Tina Malloy, and Christy Clark from the Family Medicine Clinic.

Greene County Medical Center has recognized nurses with the internationally-known DAISY Award since 2014, and holds ceremonies each year. Nominations for the DAISY Award can be made throughout the year. Nomination forms and submission boxes are located throughout the Medical Center or are available electronically by visiting the Medical Center’s website, gcmchealth.com. Nominations can be made by patients, their family members, caretakers, community members and co-workers.

The Daisy Foundation was formed in November 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of an immune disease. The nursing care Patrick received when hospitalized profoundly touched his family so they started the Foundation that also includes a recognition program, The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses (The DAISY Award)


Greene County Medical Center’s 2022 DAISY Award nominees: Terry Rottinghaus, Gina Geisler, Teresa Morlan, Tina Malloy, Jacque Rittgers, Sarah Hoffman, Sandra Stoneburner, Anita Fitzpatrick, Terri Holmes, and Christy Clark.

Not pictured: Abby Skoglund


Susan Moore, Chief Nursing Officer, 2022 DAISY Award recipient Sandra Stoneburner, RN, Long Term Care, And Lori Harrah, Long Term Care Director.



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