An Open Letter to Greene County Community Members

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Dear patients, supporters and all Greene County residents,

Great things are happening here.

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated board of trustees, outstanding medical center employees and a thriving community, Greene County Medical Center has made great strides to ensure that the health care services you and your family need continue to improve and remain available here in Greene County.

The medical center’s vision for the future is simple: ensure the best coordinated care, with providers aligned with our mission, vision and values, while being a great place to work and at the same time making certain of our sustainability far into the future.

The medical center recently announced its decision to partner with UnityPoint Clinic. As part of UnityPoint Health, an organization the medical center has partnered with since 1988, this clinic partnership will help the medical center provide the best coordinated care for our community. UnityPoint Clinic will bring new providers to the medical center campus to meet your health care needs. Our entire community will now have access to the expertise and resources of one of the country’s largest health systems. Like us, UnityPoint Health and UnityPoint Clinic are committed to providing care in the local communities they serve. These strategic alignments will allow the medical center to deliver care more efficiently with a greater emphasis on the patient experience. Simply put, this means fewer trips out of the county for our patients.

On the medical center’s campus, we are making an extremely important community investment – a $22.5 million building project centered on improved health care, patient privacy, system efficiencies and community access. We listened to what you had to say and are working to meet the community’s call.

Just as we did with the building, we listened to concerns about the burden placed on patients seeking health care. The medical center agrees it is better for patients and our community when health care services are available locally. We are taking steps to dramatically increase health care services available here in Greene County.

A misleading letter many residents received recently gave the impression our new partnership with UnityPoint Clinic and other changes we are making was “abrupt” and “sudden,” which is simply not true. Over the last 28 months, the board of trustees and the executive team have been working diligently to listen to the needs of our patients, partner locally, build relationships and increase access with local providers. With your help and direction, we are improving services. Together we are all focused on the health care needs of all the communities we serve.

As Greene County community members you will have more local provider choice. Our new initiatives at the medical center will help ensure that choice includes increased care closer to home.

As the county’s largest employer and the hospital you have come to know and trust over the past 77 years, we are committed to being here for decades to come. We are confident that by choosing Greene County Medical Center and, in the near future, UnityPoint Clinic, you will receive great patient-centered, coordinated care in the community where you live and work.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and the needs of our community.


Carl Behne, CEO
Greene County Medical Center