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Care Coordination: Putting the Puzzle Together

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Are you puzzled about your health care?

Do you understand where to go and when?  Or even why? 

Let us help you put your health care puzzle together.

First, and most importantly, if you have a life-threatening injury or other incident, you need to call 9-1-1 or get to the closest emergency department immediately.

But a majority of the time, needed care is routine or for an illness that can be handled by a primary care provider.  And your primary care provider is often times the biggest piece to of your health care puzzle.

At Greene County Medical Center, we’ve made it so you and your primary care provider can coordinate much of the care you need right here in Greene County – close to home. 

The puzzle pieces below demonstrate where care begins and some ways it can be coordinated at the medical center – always keeping you close to home, which is where you want to be when you aren’t feeling well.


Greene County Medical Center’s care coordination team ensures that our patients receive the care they need when they need it.  Done in a coordinated and consistent manner, it is a lot like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. 

In its simplest form, care coordination is achieved when all parties involved in a patient’s care work together to make sure patient needs are met – during a visit or hospital stay and when at home. 

Our internal care coordination team works closely with an external team.  Internally, the team consists of staff members from the emergency department, pharmacy, rehabilitation services, public health and any other department involved in the specific care of a patient.

The internal care coordination team conducts multi-discipline rounding with patients and their caregivers.  These daily meetings help the patient reach recovery goals, eliminate last minute changes in ongoing care and prepare the patient for what is expected at home for complete recovery. 

Externally, our community partners include:

  • Pharmacists from Medicap and HyVee
  • Representatives from UnityPoint Clinic and McFarland Clinic
  • Regency Park Nursing Home
  • The Gardens Assisted Living
  • UnityPoint at Home
  • Other organizations when needed

The external partners meet quarterly to discuss best practices that can help all patients receive the care they need when and where needed.

Regardless of who your provider is or where he or she practices, how care is coordinated and where care is provided is always a patient’s right and choice.  Be sure you ask your provider to keep you close to home when possible.

Greene County Medical Center is “Always Here, Always Caring” for all of our patients and all of our community.