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"Employee Exemplifying Excellence" Award to Dar Zollars

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At Greene County Medical Center’s employee recognition celebration on March 27, Dar Zollars was given the 2018 Employee Exemplifying Excellence award.  The recognition celebration honored six Employee Exemplifying Excellence nominees, as well as 21 employees with milestone work anniversaries.  

The medical center offers all employees the opportunity to nominate co-workers for the Employee Exemplifying Excellence award.  Zollars had multiple nominations with comments focused on her kindness and leadership qualities.  One noted that “Dar respects everyone’s ideas and concerns, and is known to put others first.  She is a great team leader.”  Another stated that “Dar is always encouraging and makes sure she recognizes the good work other departments are doing.  She is a light to our patients and our facility.”  

Zollars has been an employee at the medical center for seventeen years, all of which have been in environmental services, where she is an EVS team leader.  At the ceremony, Zollars reminded all in attendance, “If you remember one thing, remember this – be kind to one another.”  

Overall, there were six nominees for the Employee Exemplifying Excellence award:   Stacey Biggart, Long Term Care; Beth DeMoss, Environmental Services; April Kniffin, Nutrition Services; Dannelle McDowell, Materials Management; Deb Schoon, Long Term Care; Dar Zollars, Environmental Services.


2018 Employee Exemplifying Excellence nominees with CEO Carl Behne, left to right: Beth DeMoss, Deb Schoon, April Kniffin, Dar Zollars, Stacey Biggart and Dannelle McDowell.