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"Employee Exemplifying Excellence" Award to Joanna Sorber

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At Greene County Medical Center’s employee recognition celebration on March 20, Joanna Sorber was given the 2017 Employee Exemplifying Excellence award.  The recognition celebration honored all Employee Exemplifying Excellence nominees, as well as 22 employees with milestone work anniversaries.

The medical center offers all employees the opportunity to nominate co-workers for the Employee Exemplifying Excellence award.  In her nomination letter, it was noted that “Joanna always greets our patients in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner.  She is compassionate for our patients and makes them feel at home.”  It was also noted that “Any interaction with Joanna is a positive experience.  Joanna is a mom outside of work, and even though our patients are not her children, the experience you have when interacting with Joanna makes you feel cared for, often like how a mom cares for her child.”

Sorber has been an employee since 2011.  She works at the medical center’s outpatient desk.

Overall, there were eleven nominees for the Employee Exemplifying Excellence award:
Stephanie Chapman, Acute Nursing
Renee Dunne, Human Resources
Zack Fouch, IT
Allie Hamilton, Quality Management/Patient Experience
Denise Promes, Care Management
Hollie Roberts, Foundation/Ever Greene Ridge
Joanna Sorber, Outpatient Desk
Amber Tronchetti, Business Office
Mary Ann Wright, Business Office

2017 Employee Exemplifying Excellence nominees, left to right: Joanna Sorber, Allie Hamilton, Case Van Zelderen, Zack Fouch, Hollie Roberts, Renee Dunne, Stephanie Chapman, Amber Tronchetti, Denise Promes, Mary Ann Wright.  Pictured with CEO Carl Behne.