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Farmers: Ready for next season? We can help.

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Did your foot hurt every time you stepped down from that combine? 

Are your hands numb from clenching that steering wheel too tight?

How about the back? Are you having a hard time getting up from your recliner now? 

And that knee? Walking a bit funny today? 

What about the hips?  Your shoulder? 

Farming is a hard job, and you deserve a nice long rest after a good harvest season. But your aches and pains are real. You also deserve working body parts that will be ready for the work to come in 2017. (Sorry we mentioned it.) 

We don’t sell machinery or heavy equipment, or the newest seed hybrid. We sell wellness.  We sell feelin’ good.  We sell patient-centered care. 

Greene County Medical Center has a full-time podiatrist for your feet.  We have a full-time orthopedic surgeon to help with your hands, your knees, your hips. 

Our physical therapy department can work through your aches and pains with you.  What are you waiting for? 

An appointment with a Greene County Medical Center provider isn’t dependent on the weather.  We’ll get you in and out before the sun sets, and we will work hard so your body is ready again for a healthy 2017 farming season.