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Greene County Medical Center Recognizes "Van Zelderen Excellence Award" and Service Awards


Greene County Medical Center Recognizes "Van Zelderen Excellence Award" and Service Awards

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At Greene County Medical Center’s employee recognition celebration on Wednesday, March 23, Jesus Valles was given the 2021 Van Zelderen Excellence award. The recognition celebration honored 10 Van Zelderen Excellence nominees, as well as 32 employees with milestone work anniversaries.


nullJesus Valles, Greene County Medical Center’s 2021 Van Zelderen Excellence award recipient. 

Jesus’ nomination noted, “Jesus helps serve Ever Greene Ridge with enthusiasm and respect for the residents and addresses each individual’s needs or requests with courtesy. The residents enjoy having Jesus at Ever Greene Ridge as he is very friendly and timely with his work. Jesus is very kind to the elderly population conversing with them in a professional manner while also making the resident feel very comfortable.The residents love the “extra” conversations, as often times they experienced loneliness over the last couple years. Jesus’ work has been timely, he addresses the problem and provides the answer or fix, and we appreciate his team work. Jesus is very pleasant, always smiling and courteous, and the Ever Greene Ridge residents love him!”

Jesus has been an employee at the Medical Center since 2019 where he started as an EVS tech and then in 2021 transferred to Facility Services as a maintenance worker.  

The Van Zelderen Excellence award, previously known as the Employee Exemplifying Excellence award, is an honor that is given yearly to an employee who goes above and beyond to uphold the Medical Center’s Pride values of patient-centered care, respect, integrity, dedication and empathy. A well-deserving team member is chosen by fellow co-workers who review the nominations and choose the award winner who they feel made an outstanding contribution in the last year to enhancing patients’ experiences. The Medical Center offers all employees the opportunity to nominate co-workers for the Van Zelderen Excellence award.

This year the award was renamed to honor Cornelis “Case” Van Zelderen, who was named the 2019 Employee Exemplifying Excellence Award for upholding the Medical Center’s values and mission of being Always Here, Always Caring. Case worked at the Medical Center from 2008 – 2021 as an EVS tech and then transferred to a patient transporter before passing away unexpectedly in early 2021. Case portrayed the values of the Medical Center each and every day, and was well deserving of the honor, as were all award winners since the program began in 1979.


Other nominees for the Van Zelderen Excellence award include:

Melissa Caraher, Greene County Family Medicine Clinic

Steve Hagen, Facilities

Brandon Hayes, Safety

Margaret McCoy, Pharmacy

Annette Morlan, Long Term Care

Kristy Ramirez, Long Term Care

Lori Rasmussen, Patient Access

Maddeline Smith, Business Office

Amber Tronchetti, Business Office

nullBrandon Hayes, Melissa Caraher, Annette Morlan, Margaret McCoy, Lori Rasmussen, Amber Tronchetti, Steve Hagen, and Jesus Valles  (Not Pictured Maddeline Smith and Kristy Ramirez)


The 32 employees celebrating milestone work anniversaries include: 

Celebrating 5 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Jacob Wittry, Dannea Anderson, Kris Carrick, Deb Hoskins, Patricia Becker, Angie Parnell, Cheree Derry, Jo Hart, Dave Wilson, and Dani Shaw.

nullDannea Anderson, Deb Hoskins, Cheree Derry, Kris Carrick, and Patricia Becker (Not Pictured Jacob Wittry, Angie Parnell, Jo Hart, and Dani Shaw


Celebrating 10 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Roxanne McCollom, Terry Rottinghaus, Gail Sayre, Kathy Frantz, Megan Bonney, Bret Stuart, Jennifer Wilson, and Tammy Wasson.

nullTammy Wasson, Bret Stuart, Gail Sayre, Kathy Frantz, and Roxanne McCollom (Not Pictured Terry Rottinghaus, Megan Bonney, and Jennifer Wilson


Celebrating 15 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Allie Hamilton, Brenda Brewer, Dannelle McDowell, and Jennifer Mobley.

nullJennifer Mobley, Brenda Brewer, and Dannelle McDowell (Not Pictured Allie Hamilton)


Celebrating 20 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Phyllis Woodley, Dudley Sease, Gina Geisler, Michele Gilbertson, and Heather Shipley.

nullPhyllis Woodley and Michelle Gilbertson (Not Pictured Dudley Sease, Gina Geisler and Heather Shipley


Celebrating 25 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Ann Wenthold.

nullAnn Wenthold


Celebrating 30 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Jodi Schroeder and Traci Wiggins.

nullTraci Wiggins (Not Pictured Jodi Schroeder)


Celebrating 40 years of service at Greene County Medical Center: Becky Wolf and Susan Frahm.

nullBecky Wolf and Susan Frahm


Greene County Medical Center will hold their nursing recognition awards in May starting with the DAISY Award Ceremony which will be held Friday, May 6, 2022 at 10:30am in the Medical Center lobby. This event will be open to the public and will also be a Facebook Live event. Please watch for more information coming about our Partner in Nursing Award Ceremony.

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