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Greene County Middle School Students Donate to Medical Center's MedSafe


Greene County Medical Center’s MedSafe recently received a donation from a group of Greene County Middle School students. 

For a social studies project, the students were researching pharmaceuticals being flushed down the toilet and ending up in local water supplies. They identified Greene County Medical Center’s MedSafe as a safe, environmentally friendly alternative for disposing of excess or expired medications, and wanted to donate funds to help cover the costs of MedSafe maintenance and transporting medications from the MedSafe to the disposal facility. During their visit to the Medical Center, they met with Megan Hawkins, the Medical Center’s pharmacy director, to learn more about the MedSafe and proper medication disposal.

The MedSafe is a secure receptacle where the public can drop off and safely dispose of expired, unused or unwanted medications. It is designed to accept prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as sample medications, prescription ointments and patches, vitamins and pet medications. It is not for the disposal of aerosol cans, needles (sharps) or non-prescription ointments, lotions or liquids.

The MedSafe is located in the Medical Center’s main lobby and is accessible to the public year-round.


Photo caption:  Greene County Middle School students with (L to R) Chief Operating Officer Christa Simons, Foundation Director Nancy Houska, Chief Nursing Officer Katie Heldt and Pharmacy Director Megan Hawkins.