Greene County Public Health Receives IPTV Learning Center

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Greene County Medical Center’s public health department was recently presented a Learning Center from Iowa Public Television (IPTV) as part of IPTV’s Ready for School initiative.  Children spending time in public health will have new resources available to promote a love of books and learning.

The Learning Center features a bookshelf filled with age-appropriate books for children ages 2-8 years old to foster children’s early literacy skills.  The Learning Center also includes a flat screen TV, DVD player and DVDs dedicated to IPTV’s children’s programming.  The center will be placed in public health’s waiting area once remodeling at the medical center is complete.  Until then, the bookshelf has been placed in the immunization room.

"I thought pennies were falling from the sky when we received the Learning Center last week,” said Becky Wolf, public health director.  “This resource encourages the families we serve to enjoy books with their kiddos and view IPTV shows while they wait for public health services, such as immunizations.” 

Terry Rinehart, director of educational services at IPTV, also stated, “We’re excited to bring a Ready for School Learning Center to Greene County Public Health, where families can spend time together reading books and watching trusted, age-appropriate programming.”

The Ready for School initiative partners IPTV educational specialists with educators, parents, care providers and community partners to implement literacy-based activities designed to enhance early reading and math skills.  The Learning Center in public health is thanks to the Ready for School project awarded to the Greene County community school district.


Becky Wolf, public health director, and Jill Juergensen, public health RN, with the new IPTV Learning Center.  The bookshelf and books are currently on display in the immunization room.  The TV and bookshelf will relocate to public health's waiting area once once remodeling at the medical center is complete.