June is Men's Health Month


June is Men’s Health Month

Jefferson, Iowa – 70% of men’s health conditions are preventable, but only three out of every five men actually seek healthcare for annual screenings, tests, and physicals. Men are half as likely to visit the doctor unless they think they have a serious health concern whereas women go almost twice as often.

June is Men’s Health Month and Greene County Medical Center wants to remind men to be proactive with their health. Greene County Medical Center offers the following men’s health services:

Family Medicine Clinic, call 515-386-0500 to schedule.

-       Routine physicals by your trusted Family Medicine Provider or any of our six skilled providers Dr. Fagg, Dr. Connolly, Sara Fleecs, ARNP, Diana Smith, ARNP, Mary Pedersen, ARNP, and Julie Nielsen, ARNP.

-       Behavioral Health services offered by our three patient-centered Behavioral Health providers, Heather Wilson, PMHNP-BC, Christie Burnell, PMHNP-BC, and Bonnie Riphagen, LMSW.

Cardiology Services, call 515-386-2488 to schedule.

-       Cardiologist Dr. Craig Stark is at Greene County Medical Center on the first and third Thursdays of each month to provide procedures and clinical hours for a variety of cardiac diagnoses.

Specialty Clinics, call 515-386-2488 to schedule.

-       Skilled specialty providers and services provided locally, such as general surgery, vascular surgery, podiatry, orthopedics, audiology, cataracts, and more.

Urology Clinic, Call 515-386-2114 to schedule.

Our outpatient urology clinic with Dr. Trevor Wild is at Greene County Medical Center on the second Wednesday of each month to provide urology services.

Laboratory, 515-386-0184.

-       Wellness Screenings that do not require a physician order are offered Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm. For more information please visit www.gcmchealth.com/laboratory.

“At Greene County Medical Center, we pride ourselves in providing patient-centered care for your family, including the men in your family. We do that by Investing in You and providing the care you deserve. Whether you are getting your cholesterol checked in our Lab, a routine physical at the Family Medicine Clinic, making an appointment with our specialty providers, we are here to help you get proactive with your health,” says Dr. Thomas Fagg, Greene County Family Medicine Clinic provider. “We want to help you and your family get well and stay well. By putting your health first we can create a happier and healthier Greene County.”

June is Men’s Health Month and health concerns like prostate cancer, heart disease, and obesity are the top health concerns for men. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, staying active and knowing your family’s health history are all great ways to stay healthy. Getting your annual physical from your primary provider is very important. If you have any questions about what screenings you need, talk with your provider.

For more information go to www.gcmchealth.com or call 515-386-2114 to schedule.