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Medical Center Board Receives IHA Certification

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For the second time in a row, the entire board of trustees at Greene County Medical Center has successfully received recertification from the Iowa Hospital Association’s (IHA) Trustee Education Certification program (TEC).  The trustees were recognized for this accomplishment at the 2018 IHA Governance Forum held in Des Moines on Friday, April 20.

In 2016, the board was one of only seven hospitals (out of 118) in the state whose entire board has received certification.  That remained the same for this year.

The TEC program is designed to develop governance best practices and promote the coordination of care and best use of resources.  The program requires board members to complete 12 continuing board education hours made up of seminars, online learning opportunities, leadership forum attendance and other learning opportunities related to hospital board of trustee duties and responsibilities.

CEO Carl Behne noted, “The commitment of our board is evident with recognitions like this.  Their dedication to our community and its healthcare needs is second to none.”

The board of trustees is comprised of Jim Schleisman (Chair), Dave Hoyt, Doug Hawn, Bill Raney, Ralph Riedesel, Kim Bates and Judy Sankot.  All serve 6-year terms as elected officials on behalf of the medical center.

Pictured at the IHA Governance Forum, left to right: CEO Carl Behne, Jim Schleisman, Doug Hawn, Dave Hoyt, Judy Sankot, Bill Raney and Kim Bates.  Not pictured: Ralph Riedesel.