Medical Center Moment - April 2019


Earlier this month, UnityPoint Clinic transitioned over to Greene County Family Medicine Clinic. In just a few days, we’ll be welcoming a new provider to the clinic. Dr. Laurie Connolly starts May 1.

Dr. Connolly is a familiar face in the community. She has lived here with her family since 2002. She was a McFarland Clinic provider until 2013 and then moved to Acute Care, Inc, and Docs Who Care, where she was often working in our ER department. Most recently, she’s been with an urgent care clinic in Fort Dodge.

It is evident that Dr. Connolly has been missed and will be welcomed back with open arms. I am really excited about this. With Dr. Connolly joining us, we will have five full-time providers at Greene County Family Medicine Clinic who have area roots. Dr. Thomas Fagg has been in our community caring for patients for 28 years. And all three ARNPs — Sara Fleecs, Jennifer Pudenz and Diana Smith — have longtime ties to the area.

In addition, current medical center providers with longtime area roots include Dr. Jeffrey Wahl, a Jefferson-Scranton graduate; Rochelle Guess, ARNP, who has been a Jefferson resident for over 25 years; and Valerie Martin, ARNP, has been with the medical center and in our community for over ten years. Surgeon Dr. Josh Smith has been serving our patients, as well as those in many surrounding communities, for 17 years.

Of course, we have great providers who come from other places, including Dr. Holly Van de Voort who joined us from Georgia, and is now in the process of settling into Greene County living.

How cool is it that many of our providers who have a long history of being in our community will be serving our community under one roof?

Our mission, “To enrich our community by providing quality, compassionate care to every patient and contributing to the well-being of every family” is made stronger when those who are caring for you are committed to the community.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO