Medical Center Moment - August 2015

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I hope you’ve seen the recent announcement ads in local media for the many new specialty services we now offer. In August, we added oncology/hematology (including chemotherapy treatment) with Dr. Matthew Hill and pulmonology/sleep medicine with Dr. James Meyer. In September, we will add cardiology with Dr. Craig Stark. And earlier this year we brought in ENT with Dr. Tracey Wellendorf and urology with Dr. Richard Sazama.

It’s exciting to bring these specialists to Jefferson. Traveling out of town when you are not feeling well is stressful and not ideal for wellness or healing. Having specialists visit the medical center on a regular basis allows patients to make the choice to stay close to home. Most of our 15 visiting specialists offer clinics in other communities throughout the state, and we are proud that they’ve chosen Jefferson as yet another place to provide care. When it is in the best interest of their patient, our specialists use the many outpatient services the medical center offers such as imaging, laboratory, surgery and rehab services — continuing that close-to-home care.

Our specialists, outpatient services, inpatient services and 24/7 emergency care all help make a significant impact on the economy of our county — a total payroll impact (counting both direct and indirect jobs) of over $24 million. With over 75% of our own 250 employees living in Greene County, you’ll find us participating in extracurricular activities in the county with our kids, our grandkids and other family members. We offer round-the-clock care to our community 365 days a year — and are part of the life in Greene County.

Our expected move-in date is set for the last few days in August, which means we’ll be providing that patient-centered care in the new expansion by the start of September. When that occurs, renovation of the space vacated by departments will begin immediately. We’ll be sure to keep the public well informed on what’s where and how to get there. Rest assured, patient care in all service areas will not be interrupted during the many transitions that will take place.

We will continue our efforts to be focused on providing and enhancing the services that will meet your health care needs here in your community.

Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO