Medical Center Moment - February 2015

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When February comes to an end, which happens this week, I always think spring is in sight — and what a
refreshing feeling that is. We will welcome spring at the medical center by continuing to focus on patient-centered care in every decision we make.

The two new specialists, ENT physician Dr. Tracey Wellendorf and urologist Dr. Richard Sazama, were well received and busy during their first clinic days in February. We look for these two physicians to be busy every time they visit — and that’s good for all of our patients who can make the choice to visit specialty physicians who will see and care for them here in Greene County.

As the health care landscape begins to change for all of us in Greene County over the coming months, it’s important to be focused on choice. That’s what is being created here — a choice for patients. The patient is the one who chooses a provider and where services are received.

Having a facility outfitted with the best equipment and providers who put the patient first makes it so there is no need to travel elsewhere for routine visits, treatments or surgical procedures. This is what Greene County Medical Center is striving for. We are doing this with the current expansion and renovation project, the upcoming opening of a UnityPoint Clinic on campus and the care coordination
approach we are now using, or implementing, throughout the medical center. Our hospitalist program has allowed us to offer around-the-clock physician care for our inpatients. This has resulted in an increase in patients who are able — and choose — to remain in Greene county for their care.

Outpatient service areas like surgery, lab, imaging and rehabilitation therapies continue to offer patients a choice in receiving care close to home.

I believe that when we make the patient the center of everything we do, our mission becomes clear — provide the services you need so you can make the right choice when it comes to your care. And our goal is to be sure the right choice is Greene County Medical Center.

Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO