Medical Center Moment - February 2016

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As February comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking spring will be here soon.  The medical center will welcome warmer weather with our continued focus on patient-centered care.


It is always unfortunate when a physician’s case must go before the state medical board, but this is the system in place for transparency of care.  We need to respect the process.  The recent news about Dr. Josh Smith, one of our credentialed on-call surgeons, is disappointing but it is something that we will work through.  As I publicly stated, we are confident Dr. Smith will adhere to the requirements set by the board.  It might be reassuring for the public to know that Dr. Smith, as one of two on-call surgeons, has done approximately 10% of our emergency surgeries in the last two years.  Our main surgeon is Dr. Marc Miller, who is a partner of Dr. Smith’s.  I think it is equally important to acknowledge that all of our surgeons work with an exceptional surgery staff and I have full confidence that together they will continue to provide the care our patients expect and deserve.  If this issue is of direct concern to you, please don’t hesitate to call me. 


As I write this, Iowa’s Medicaid managed care program, Health Link, is still set to begin March 1.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have yet to approve this extended date, but the medical center will be ready.   We have a signed contract with United Healthcare and continue to work on contracts with AmeriHealth and AmeriGroup.  Our goal will always be to provide care to all of our patients, no matter their payor source.


Our new podiatrist, Dr. Timothy Holcomb, is keeping busy with clinic hours three days a week as well as doing on campus surgeries. The response he is receiving shows how important this service is to our community. 


We continue to have construction activity around the medical center.  Every time I walk the medical center hallways, I see the daily progress of our renovations.  The entire expansion and renovation project is coming together as planned and the finished product will be well worth all the temporary adjustments we have had to make.  I appreciate the patience of our patients, visitors and staff over this time.  Thanks to all.


We take our vision Always Here, Always Caring very seriously, and that means we take your care very seriously.  We are committed to caring for you, your family and your neighbors close to home.


Always Here, Always Caring,

Carl Behne, CEO