Medical Center Moment - January 2015

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What a difference a holiday season makes.  January is nearly complete and the year is off to a big bang start.

The building project has made major progress despite the cold weather.  If you follow the project on our website or via Facebook posts, you can check out the installation of nearly 70,000 lbs of air handlers on the roof of the new addition.  What an all-day event that was!

In February we have two new specialists starting to see patients at the medical center.  Dr. Tracey Wellendorf, ENT specialist, and his staff will be here the first Thursday of every month, and urologist Dr. Richard Sazama will be seeing patients the third Thursday of every month.  These areas of care are highly sought after and needed in our community.  Both doctors will hold clinic hours as well as perform surgical procedures at the medical center.

Adding physicians to our mix of specialty clinics who are committed to utilizing the other outpatient services we offer is important to us.  We are creating an environment where patients can seek and receive care in Greene County.  Our outpatient services such as surgery, lab, radiology and rehabilitation therapies have been caring for patients so they can be close to home — the most important place to be when one isn't feeling well or when the need to heal is a priority.

At the end of December we said goodbye to Bill Steussy who retired as long-time financial officer for the medical center.  And here in January we have two long-time employees — Mary Zollars and Shelly Berger — retiring.  Changes like these allow for promotions, new hires and restructuring.  We work hard and will continue to work hard in being as efficient and lean as our needs allow us to be.

I am resuming my community coffees this month with one scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 28, in Scranton at the community center.  Please join me for this good Q&A time.

The new year doesn’t change our appreciation and understanding that you have a choice when it comes to your health care.  We want to make sure you can choose care and treatments close to where you live — here at Greene County Medical Center.

Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO