Medical Center Moment - January 2016

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We are off to a big start for the year. 


As you’ve probably already heard, our capital campaign, “Investing in Tomorrow’s Care,” has successfully surpassed their $4 million goal with year-end $100,000 gifts from Wild Rose Casino and the Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation.  The campaign wraps up a year and a half of fundraising under the direction of Foundation Director Hollie Roberts and community co-chairs Rick Morain and John Gerken. 


Our podiatrist, Dr. Timothy Holcomb, is now seeing patients in the West Central Orthopedics clinic.  This is a big win for our community.  A podiatrist that will be here three days a week and do surgery is something that has been missing from our specialist mix.  I hope if your feet are hurting you, you give Dr. Holcomb a call.


The renovations in the old acute patient room space are wrapping up with an expected move-in date for many of our administrative staff set for early March.  This area is home to a boardroom, an education classroom and conference rooms — all of which have been missing for many months.  This space will also be home to many staff members who have been displaced over the past year.  But we aren’t done yet.  Next up will be a temporary move for the West Central Orthopedics clinic and 21st Century Rehab spaces so the medical center’s current clinic spaces on Level A can be renovated.  As we’ve done all along, we’ll keep you up-to-date, offer new maps upon arrival and have transporters or volunteers to help you get to where you need to be.


It’s members of our community who make our medical center a success.  We take our vision Always Here, Always Caring very seriously, and that means we take your care very seriously.  We are committed to caring for you, your family and your neighbors close to home.


Always Here, Always Caring,

Carl Behne, CEO