Medical Center Moment - June 2016

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Have you visited the medical center in the last two weeks?  If not, you are in for a big surprise. We opened up the new main lobby seating area on Monday, June 13. And it’s incredibly spacious — open and bright. This completed portion of our renovation makes us that much closer to the full completion, scheduled for late August.


We had a busy May at the medical center as our new mission, vision and values were rolled out to leadership and staff in two days of energized gatherings. The concepts for the new mission, vision and values were created by members of our staff by way of a survey and focus groups that involved nearly 40% of employees in the fall of 2015.  I believe the finished product represents who we are — and who we want to be for years to come. 


Our mission:

To enrich our community by providing quality, compassionate care to every patient and contributing to the well-being of every family.


Our vision:

Always Here, Always Caring


Our values:

Patient-Centered Care






You’ll notice that we kept our vision exactly what it’s been, “Always Here, Always Caring.”  Our employees felt strongly about this.  They felt equally strong about the pride they have in the medical center, their individual jobs and the care we provide our patients, so we made this a big part of our values.  Our mission sets the tone for the service we believe we should provide those we serve, providing our community — every patient and every family — with quality, compassionate care.


I hope you find your way out to the medical center soon, see the progress we’ve made and let us care for your healthcare needs.


Always Here, Always Caring,

Carl Behne, CEO