Medical Center Moment - March 2015

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There’s a reason March has been dubbed “March Madness,” and it has to do with more than just basketball. March is when we can see and feel spring approaching and we start anticipating the changes to come — in weather and activities.

That’s true in our personal lives and it’s also true at the medical center. Spring and summer 2015 hold a lot of anticipation. It’s invigorating and exciting — because so much of what we are doing has to do with enhancing the patient experience.

The building expansion project is moving incredibly fast right now — so much so that there are temporary walls on the east side of the administration area. This is because the expansion has now moved into some current space, and some offices have been temporarily relocated.

While some of what is happening is very visible, other things are happening behind the scenes too. Jefferson Telecom is working with us on a new phone system that will be in place prior to the expansion opening this summer. And our community relations department is beginning to plan for guided public tours of the new expansion to take place during this year’s Bell Tower Festival.

Plans for UnityPoint Clinic opening in Jefferson this July are also moving quickly. Clinic leadership is now
advertising for job openings and we are ever so close to announcing providers who will be joining them in their new Jefferson office.

I’ve scheduled a “Community Coffee with Carl” in Churdan for Thursday, April 2, at 8:30 a.m. We’ll be gathering at the Churdan Library with coffee and donuts. It’s the best place to ask questions and get updates on all we are doing. Please join me.

Our focus remains to provide services that allow us to meet your health care needs here in your community. We are working hard for a patient experience that has you choosing Greene County Medical Center.

Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center. 
Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO