Medical Center Moment - November 2016

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope this holiday finds you thankful for friends, family and those you love.  I hope it finds you healthy, too.


Congratulations to our most recent DAISY Award recipient, Carol Christensen, RN in Long Term Care.  Carol has been caring for residents in Long Term Care for 31 years.  She was nominated by resident, Vic Eslick, who wrote,  “I appreciate Carol’s help doing the extra things that I can’t do for myself.  I see her teaching co-workers how to use the computers.  I see her on weekends and around holidays making sure there are enough medicines for us.  She always has a happy smile on her face.  I think she really deserves this award.”  Vic is right.  And all her fellow nominees — Jodi Schroeder, Allie Hamilton and Maria Bretey — are worthy of being nominated.


I am proud of and thankful for all the medical center employees and the caring, compassionate work they do for our patients and residents.  Each one of us takes our mission “to enrich the community by providing quality, compassionate care to every patient and contributing to the well-being of every family” seriously.  


We are all committed to your care — from the time you walk in our doors until the time you leave.  We are focused on putting your care front and center in every part of what we do.


We remain thankful that you trust us with your care.

Always Here, Always Caring,

Carl Behne, CEO