Medical Center Moment - November 2018

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Seems impossible that Thanksgiving has come and gone already, doesn’t it? This puts us right in the middle of the holiday frenzy, and it is a sure sign of snow and ice.

Rest assured that at the medical center, we will keep frenzy out of the equation as we care for you and those you love during the upcoming winter months. Please be careful of that snow and ice – drive carefully, and walk carefully, too.

Congratulations to Allie Hamilton, RN and Acute nursing case manager, who was recognized as our latest DAISY Award winner. A total of 13 nurses, representing every area of the medical center, were nominated. All are very deserving. One of the two nominations for Allie noted, “She treats every patient like they are her family.” I think that statement represents all of our medical center employees.

While the DAISY Award is a national program recognizing a nurse, every employee at the medical center exemplifies the same principals of compassionate care. We all work hard to make sure the care we give is award winning.

It is always an honor to serve our community and we are grateful you choose to receive care at Greene County Medical Center. Thank you.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO