Medical Center Moment - October 2015

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We are well into phase two of our major expansion and renovation project here at the medical center.  If you have visited recently, you will have noticed certain areas on level A and the main level blocked off with tarp.  Construction crews are hard at work, renovating spaces vacated by departments that moved over to the new addition.


When all is said and done, the west hallway (formerly acute nursing) will house administration, meeting rooms and other offices.  The former outpatient area on level A will be remodeled for clinics — West Central Orthopedics, Advanced Women’s Care (which will move up from level B) and specialty clinics.  21st Century Rehab will also get expanded space, and they will share a gym with cardiac services (which will also move up from level B).

You may have noticed that the south wing has been removed.  Construction crews have been clearing a path for the new main hallway that is being built on the south side of the building.  This new hallway will extend from the lower clinics entrance all the way up to the main entrance — and there will be only one elevator or flight of stairs between the two levels.  This will greatly simplify wayfinding throughout the campus, and will serve as the primary route for patients and visitors.

With all of the changes and moving about, our patient transporters — Jill Gibson and Lori Halligan — and information desk volunteers have been busy guiding community members around the building.  Temporary directional signage is also posted throughout the medical center.  We are committed to keeping the public informed with what is happening as well as where things are happening during this renovation.

On another note, I am happy to report that a second ARNP, Jen Pudenz, has joined the UnityPoint Clinic—Greene County team and started seeing patients this week.  She joins Sara Fleecs, ARNP, and Dr. Jon Van Der Veer.  We are proud to have these providers on our campus.

The medical center has worked diligently to put together a team of providers who can cover most of the health care needs of our community.  Consider all the available choices:  numerous outpatient and inpatient services; West Central Orthopedics; Advanced Women’s Care; 21st Century Rehab; UnityPoint Clinic; and 14 visiting specialists make for a great team of providers to take care of you and your health care needs. 

Most recently we welcomed oncologist Dr. Matthew Hill to our campus. And we are now able to offer chemotherapy services for his patients and others.  If chemotherapy is part of your treatment, call us to see how we can help you receive this care at Greene County Medical Center.

When it comes to your health care, we want to provide it for you close to home.  Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center.

 Always Here, Always Caring,
 Carl Behne, CEO