Medical Center Moment - October 2017

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It’s spooky to think it’s almost November, isn’t it?  Are you ready?

I’m not sure I am, but days and months come regardless of our readiness.  We are fortunate for every day and month we can experience.  While time might pass quickly, let’s not let the experiences.

One of the neat experiences we have coming up in November is our DAISY Award ceremony, planned for Wednesday, November 15, at 10 a.m. in our education classroom.  We’ll be honoring our eighth DAISY Award recipient.  The DAISY Award honors a nurse that has been nominated by a patient, family member or co-worker for exceptional care.  We have great nurses in several areas of our medical center and I hope you’ve experienced one.  While the nomination period for our November 15 ceremony is over, please know that nurses can be nominated any day of the month.  You’ll find nomination forms and boxes throughout the medical center, as well as online.

I held another community coffee this week in Grand Junction for community members.  These are great experiences and I enjoy meeting community members to discuss health care or medical center news in this casual way.

Please know that the medical center prides itself in great patient-centered experiences, and our vision remains the same — Always Here, Always Caring.

Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO