Medical Center Moment - September 2015

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In case you missed it — we’ve moved!  Or at least our inpatient care and many of our outpatient services moved to their new space in our 52,000-square-foot expansion area that opened on Monday, August 31. 

If you are receiving outpatient care in surgery, imaging or laboratory, you’re receiving that in the new space.  If you are an inpatient yourself or visiting a loved one, you are also doing that in the new space.  And our ER is front and center off of Grimmell Road, just like we promised.  You can’t miss it.

Renovation on the vacated spaces began immediately, which has created another round of temporary locations for some services.  To help everyone find their way, we now have an information desk in the main lobby and two friendly and energetic transporters to help community members maneuver their way around until everything becomes more familiar.

Our public health team has been moved back into the building, so you’ll soon see the temporary office trailer that has been in the clinics parking lot gone.  Public health is now located on the B Level of the medical center and is accessible by entering the clinic entrance and using elevator D.

Right around the time you are reading this, it’s possible that the south wing on the front of the medical center will have been removed — making way for the long main walkway that will make getting any place in the medical center much easier.  We still have another year of renovation and construction in front of us — and we’re all working together to make this time of transition a positive experience for all. 

We promise that patient care in all service areas will not be interrupted during the many transitions that are and will be taking place.

I am happy to report that UnityPoint Clinic has Dr. Jon Van Der Veer now seeing patients.  And starting in mid-October, a second ARNP, Jen Pudenz, will be joining their team.  UnityPoint Clinic has been a great addition to the community and we are proud to have them on our medical center campus. 

When it comes to your health care, we want to provide it for you close to home.  Thank you for choosing us and thank you for supporting your medical center.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO