Medical Center Moment - September 2016

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Thank you to all who attended our campus-wide open house on September 22.  What a fun event.  Nearly 350 of youwandered throughout the medical center to see both the new expansion space and the recently opened renovated spaces.  I was so proud of the work the medical center staff did to make this event such a success, but mostly it was great to see the expressions of pride on the  faces of our visitors as they toured a facility that was renovated with their health needs in mind — privacy, efficiency and access.


As I greeted visitors at the open house, I was somewhat surprised at how many times I was asked if someone could use our new enhanced services and space even if a provider was not from UnityPoint Clinic.  My answer was and always will be the same — YES! 


Regardless of what clinic or hospital affiliation your primary provider has, you can ask to be tested and treated here.  We can work with providers across the state, or across the street, so that test and treatment orders for lab draws, x-rays, ultrasounds, scans, minor surgeries, cardiac rehab treatments, physical therapy, sleep studies, chemotherapy treatments,diabetes management care — and many more services — can be done at the medical center.  Patient-centered care puts the patient at the center of his or her care, and that means we are able and willing to work with all providers to manage that care together.


Enriching our community by providing quality, compassionate care to every patient and contributing to the well-being of every family is our mission.  We now have the facility to do that for every community member.


All of us at the medical center are focused on patient-centered care — keeping you close to home for much of the testing and treatment you need.  If you have questions on how your test or treatment can be done here, call me at 386-0106 and I will direct your care concerns to our care coordination team.

Always Here, Always Caring,
Carl Behne, CEO