Medical Center Moment - September 2017


Dr. Jon Van Der Veer, chief medical officer at Greene County Medical Center and part-time UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine — Greene County provider, will be leaving both organizations on October 11, 2017.  Van Der Veer has been with the medical center for 2 1/2 years.  He will be working as regional medical officer for CareMore.

As my time at Greene County Medical Center rapidly comes to an end, I am spending a great deal of time reflecting on the impact Greene County has had in my life.

My time in Jefferson reminded me why I loved growing up in small-town Iowa.  Staff, nurses and physicians greeted me warmly as I wandered around lost in the older parts of the medical center and the executive team and board of trustees helped me understand the rich history of the county and the medical center.  During this time, I was also watching a deep hole on the east end of campus transform into a 21st century medical center anyone would be proud to have in their community.

Most importantly though, the people in and around Jefferson treated me openly and kindly.  From Greene Bean and Casa de Oro to Oly's and Bett & Bev’s, I have been amazed with the kind, friendly and dedicated members of this community.  Living in the metro, I do not experience the sense of pride for a community like I do when I am in Greene County.  Honestly, I have developed that sense of pride in a community while working at Greene County Medical Center.

That sense of pride is what makes leaving practice in Jefferson and my role at the medical center so hard for me. That sense of pride is derived from what I have seen in practice.  Greene County has a unique and wonderful population and I hope you all realize it.  Regardless, I want you all to know that each interaction, each chat, each handshake and each wave has impacted me.

I will miss my patients, my friends and my colleagues.  I will miss Greene County.

I wish you all the best in health and happiness.  Take care of each other and remember Greene County Medical Center is Always Here, Always Caring!

Thank you, Greene County!
Jon Van Der Veer, DO