Medical Center Moment - September 2018

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Did you receive your copy of the medical center’s “Always Caring” newsletter? It went out to mailboxes throughout the county - and beyond - last week. The newsletter highlights our services and providers, and includes a calendar page with information on upcoming programs and fundraisers. It’s a great resource for all things medical center.

You’ll see a few new faces at the medical center next month. Incoming specialists Dr. Zeeshan Jawa,oncology/hematology, and Dr. Steven Anderson, cataract surgery, have both visited the medical center for orientation and will begin seeing patients in October.

And earlier this month, we welcomed Dr. Andrew Keiner, audiologist, to our campus. Dr. Keiner owns Merit Hearing in Des Moines, and will hold clinic hours twice a month, so you’ll be seeing him around the medical center, too.

Now that fall has officially started, so has the flu season. Public Health staff have already started going out to communities in the county to offer flu clinics, and more clinics are scheduled for October and November. A full list of clinic locations is available on the medical center’s website. You can also stop in and get your flu shot in public health during office hours.

No matter the season, Greene County Medical Center remains committed to providing quality, patient-centered care to the communities we serve. I hope you see the significance and value in all the services we offer the community and give us the opportunity to take care of you and those you love.

Always Here, Always Caring
Carl Behne, CEO