Medical Center's Long Term Care Earns Five Stars Again

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Greene County Medical Center’s Long Term Care (LTC) facility has maintained its five-star ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Nursing Home Compare.  In July 2017, the facility received its first series of five-star ratings.  And quarterly reports since then have been as favorable.

The ratings are updated quarterly and rank overall quality, health inspection, quality measures, staffing and RN staffing.  In the most recent report, published on May 30, LTC received 5 stars (the highest ranking) for overall quality, general staffing and RN staffing.  They received 4 stars for health inspection and quality measures.

Greene County Medical Center’s reporting is prepared and submitted to CMS by certified MDS coordinator Deb Schoon.  Data is compiled by many, including Schoon, LTC director Lori Harrah, LTC social worker Brittany Gunn, LTC activities director Sue Ann Blackburn and nutritional and dietitian staff Annemarie Laughery and Lori Sayre.

Long Term Care Director Lori Harrah noted, “The consistent rankings for this past 12 month period really speaks well of the diligent work done by all staff members in Long Term Care who provide quality care that enhances the lives of every resident in very positive ways.”

The CMS Nursing Home Compare report has detailed information about every Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country and is based on outcomes of state health inspections over the most recent 36-month period; staffing ratios are derived from CMS Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports and quality measures based on MDS assessments.