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Patient-Centered Care is Just Steps Away

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October is being recognized as Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month.  But at Greene County Medical Center, we make it our goal to make every month about patient-centered care.

Patient-centered, coordinated care starts with a facility & staff committed to being sure the patient is at the center of his or her healthcare.

It also starts with providing the many different services one might need for successful medical outcomes – all in one place.

Patient-centered care is about working with primary care providers on campus, across town, or across the state to make sure care can be coordinated with the patient, close to home.

It’s like the one stop shopping we all take advantage of on our town squares or in retail shopping centers.  But it’s so much more important than that – it’s about you and your health.


If your primary care provider recommends or encourages blood work, xray, ultrasound, sleep study, outpatient surgery, an inpatient stay, rehab services – or many other treatments – having the choice to receive all of your care in one place – and not miles away – enables great patient-centered care.

This is all possible in many larger metropolitan cities, but for those in the Greene County area, it’s also possible at Greene County Medical Center in Jefferson, Iowa.

There is no need to make multiple trips – to multiple facilities – for the initial or final steps of any diagnosis, big or small.

Imagine learning you have pneumonia, a broken hip, or cancer.

Imagine needing routine annual exams and testing.

Imagine being treated for all of these close to home.

The last thing any of us need in our hectic, everyday lives is to be sick and have appointments, tests, scans and treatments at numerous facilities, miles away.

Patient-centered, coordinated care requires working with primary care providers and specialists dedicated to your well-being.

During October – Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month – ask yourself “Am I at the center of my healthcare?”

Greene County Medical Center offers much of the care you will need – as well as competent and friendly providers – all in a matter of steps, under one roof.

Now that’s patient-centered care at its best.