Time for Medicare Part D Check-up

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Doing a Medicare Part D check-up is just as important as a yearly checkup with your doctor. Plans can change from year to year so don’t assume the plan you’re happy with this year will necessarily be the best one for you in 2015. Last fall, approximately 80% of people who compared plans with the help of the State of Iowa’s Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) saved money by changing plans for the next year.

Counselors from SHIIP, based at Greene County Medical Center, are available every Tuesday morning and are ready to help with your Part D check-up. They have information about Medicare prescription drug plans for 2015 and are available to answer any questions you have, help you compare plans and assist with enrollment in a plan you choose.

October 15 – December 7 is the annual election period for Part D. This is when you can either change plans for 2015 or enroll in a plan if you missed the deadline for enrolling earlier. Don’t wait until the last minute to explore your options – the last two weeks before December 7 will be busy for the plans, Medicare and SHIIP. Call 515-386-2114 to schedule an appointment with a SHIIP counselor at Greene County Medical Center.