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Your Oncology Needs, Close to Home (Infographic)

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality treatment and care for you or your loved ones because you choose to live in a smaller, rural community. The staff at Greene County Medical Center understands the want and need to receive treatment in a comfortable and familiar environment close to home. Not only does this save you and your family time, it helps reduce anxiety in a potentially stressful time. Greene County Medical Center’s oncologist Dr. Matthew Hill and staff can provide you or your loved ones with the quality care you deserve.


Oncology Provider - Dr. Matthew Hill

On the first and the third Tuesday of each month, Dr. Hill and his staff travel to Greene County Medical Center. Dr. Hill joined Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates of Iowa (MOHA) in 2006 and is affiliated with the John Stoddard Cancer Center in Des Moines. Dr. Hill’s oncology services cover a variety of different diseases and their treatments. From chemotherapy to post-cancer follow-up, Dr. Hill’s expertise will help you reach your treatment goals.

Chemotherapy Services

Among the many treatments that often occur with oncology patients is chemotherapy. Dr. Hill’s clinic greatly benefits area residents because of its new, convenient location at Greene County Medical Center.

Even if you are not a patient of Dr. Hill’s, you or a loved one can receive chemotherapy at Greene County Medical Center. Instead of making a lengthy trip to receive treatment elsewhere week after week, your time will be better spent in your community with friends and family.

Benefits of Chemotherapy Close to Home

Time - When it comes to receiving chemotherapy treatment, most individuals receive outpatient care. Outpatient treatment allows patients to get the care they need while continuing their day as they normally would. However, if you receive treatment outside your community, it could be a long commute to and from the treatment center, adding hours to your treatment time. With the option to receive treatment within your community, you won’t have to sacrifice hours out of your day.

Family - When undergoing chemotherapy, having your loved ones close is crucial during a potentially trying time. Depending on what type of chemotherapy you or a loved one will be receiving, it will be extremely helpful to have your family available to take you to and from treatment. Your family and friends will be able to be by your side.

Community - Traveling outside of your community for chemotherapy can be an uneasy experience. When receiving care at Greene County Medical Center, you will be in a familiar place and see familiar faces. In addition to having your friends and family’s support, the medical center you trust will be cheering for you.

“Traveling to Greene County on the first and third Tuesday of each month has allowed patients the opportunity to see an oncologist closer to home - and that’s important. Being able to have chemotherapy treatments done at the medical center makes a big difference in the lives of cancer patients. It can reduce the stress, time and energy involved in traveling elsewhere.” - Dr. Matthew Hill, oncologist.

Receive Quality Treatment and Care with Greene County Medical Center

It is our goal at Greene County Medical Center to ensure you and your loved ones receive quality treatment and care, every day. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about our oncology services and treatment options!