Back to School Clinics

Greene County Family Medicine Clinic FREE Sports Physicals

July 27th from 7am – 9am and August 3rd from 3pm – 6pm in the Greene County Family Medicine Clinic

No insurance is needed, no appointment is needed, but please have parental consent and bring your sports form. Public Health immunizations will also be available these days. Other Back to School appointments with your primary providers can be scheduled by calling 515-386-0500. We have same-day appointments available as well!

Greene County Public Health Back to School Clinics

July 20th from 4pm – 6:15pm and August 17th from 4pm – 6:15pm at Public Health

Public Health will offer Back to School clinics that will have Lead/Hemoglobin screenings, Dental screenings, and vaccinations available. Public Health will also have information regarding getting free backpacks. Public Health will also continue to provide immunization clinics on Wednesdays by appointment only. Call 515-386-3228 to schedule or for more information.

Back to School Services

Greene County Medical Center cares about the health and well-being of all students in and around our community.  Our team at Greene County Medical Center offer a variety of services to make this school year the best (and healthiest) year yet!

Family Medicine Clinic - Call 515-386-0500 to schedule.

Offering a variety of Family Medicine and Back to School services from general pediatrics, adolescent medicine, dermatology, sports physicals, preventative care including routine physicals and annual exams, immunizations, and more.

Call 515-386-0500 to make an appointment with one of our 6 skilled providers, in the Greene County Family Medicine Clinic. Dr. Fagg, Dr. Connolly, Diana Smith, ARNP, Sara Fleecs, ARNP, Mary Pedersen, ARNP, Julie Nielsen, ARNP.

Behavioral Health - Call 515-386-0500 to schedule.

Our team of Behavioral Health providers are here to help you, offering services including counseling, mental health evaluations, diagnosis, evaluation and assessment, plan of care, treatment development, medication management, and more.

Our Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Heather Wilson and Christie Burnell and our Licensed Master of Social Work, Bonnie Riphagen, are here to help you get well and stay well.

Specialty Clinics

Greene County Medical Center Specialty Clinics have many visiting providers who offer services in a variety of specialty areas. Here are a few that your student might visit:

Audiology - Dr. Courtney Thayer

Appointments: 515-386-2488
Dr. Thayer is here every other Monday offering Audiology services.

Orthodontia - Dr. Andrew Shelly

Appointments: 515-573-8351
Dr. Shelly is at the Medical Center every 6 weeks on Fridays providing Orthodontia services. Call for availability and to schedule.

Dermatology - Savannah Rife, ARNP

Appointments: 515-965-6839
Savannah Rife, ARNP is at the Medical Center on the first and third Tuesdays each month providing Dermatology services.

Orthopedics - Dr. Wahl

Appointments: 515-386-2488
Dr. Wahl is at the Medical Center every Thursday providing Orthopedic services.

21st Century Rehab. - Call 515-386-4284 to schedule or for more information.

 21st Century Rehabilitation at Greene County Medical Center offers FREE sports injury assessments for athletes in grades 7-12. You can call 21st Century Rehab at Greene County Medical Center and schedule a visit with one of our physical therapists.

21st Century Rehab is also available on the sidelines at all home Varsity athletic events, all Varsity and JV football games and home middle school football and wrestling events.

The 21st Century Rehab Athletic Trainer is available one day a week during the school year in the high school training room to see athletes with injuries, and also upon request by a coach.

Call 21st Century Rehab at 515-386-4284 and schedule a visit with one of our physical therapists.

Public Health Services- Call 515-386-3228 to schedule

Greene County Public Health offers a variety of services to help you get ready for Back to School season, including programs like Child Health Services, HOPES Program, Maternal Child Health program and immunization clinics. 

Immunization Clinics: All child and adult vaccines available. Weekly clinics are offered Wednesdays 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and an evening clinic is offered the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 4 - 6:15 p.m.  We accept walk-ins or appointments during regular office hours Monday-Friday. We accept payment from Medicaid (Title 19) and most insurance plans that offer vaccination coverage.

Accessible Emergency Room

Accessible Emergency Care, with entrances off Lincoln Way and Grimmell Road. Staffed 24/7 so we are ready to care for you when you need us most.