At Greene County Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing quality, patient-centered care to every patient and family we serve.  And according to patient feedback, we're doing just that.  Watch the videos below to hear directly from a few of our patients about their experience at the medical center:


"Everyone was soooo nice!"  At Greene County Medical Center, we have promised to provide quality, compassionate care to all of our patients.  So when we asked a young patient about her experience coming to the medical center to get tubes in her ears, we couldn't have asked for a sweeter response.

Diabetes Management

Finding out you have diabetes and getting started with an insulin pump can be scary and intimidating.  But one of Greene County Medical Center's diabetes management patients couldn't be happier with the personalized, attentive care she received.  "When I first started with my insulin pump, I was having a bit of trouble with it.  I called the hospital at 10:30 one night, and within 10 minutes, one of the diabetes management gals was calling me at home.  She was home with her kids, but she still called and was able to answer my questions."

Cardiac Rehabilitation

As a critical access hospital, Greene County Medical Center doesn't perform heart surgeries - but our cardiac rehab team does care for heart surgery patients once they return home.  For one cardiac rehab patient, coming to Greene County Medical Center just made sense.  "I decided to come to Greene County because I've grown up in Jefferson, it's where I've been my whole life.  I knew if I had anything done, I wanted it done here.  It's been an excellent experience, if you can say having a heart attack is an excellent experience.  I think I'm very well on my way - especially here with cardiac rehab - and all the nurses here are so great to get along with."