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Why choose Long Term Care at Greene County Medical Center?

We strive to make our facility truly the "home" of our residents.  Our staff become extended family in many ways - and they take a vested interest in the residents they serve.  Below is a listing of the many offerings we think will make Long Term Care at Greene County Medical Center the home you choose:

Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff has approximately 180 years of experience total, averaging 15 years per nurse.  Nurses are required to continue their education throughout their careers and attend continuing education throughout the year.

A large number of our CNAs have more than 10 years of work experience.  Our certified nurses' aides are extremely vital to the care of our residents.

Residents' Rights are Taken Seriously

We focus on residents' rights and promote independence - residents and their families are educated about their rights upon admission by our social worker.

Proximity to Health Care

Our location is very appealing to residents and families.  We are just an elevator ride away from the main hospital, laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and the emergency department -- just to name a few.

Nutritional Services and Dining Options

We have two registered dietitians on staff who follow the nutritional status of all residents.  Residents have the opportunity to select food items from a menu for the three main meals, and snacks are available throughout the day. 

We also encourage visitors to dine with residents any time and provide complimentary meals to residents' spouses.

Physical Therapy

We have a certified restorative aide that works with several of our residents; she helps resident maintain and gain strength with exercise.  In addition, we utilize the full rehabilitation services staff at Greene County Medical Center on a regular basis.

Consistent Care Approach

We use what we call a "consistent care partner" approach to care.  This means that each side of LTC has consistent nurses and aides that work with the same residents daily.  This allows our staff and residents to build relationships.  The staff know how their residents want things done - residents don't have to constantly train each staff member to their preferences.  And staff members can detect changes in their residents because they see them on a regular basis.


We have a full-time activities director who plans activities to meet residents' social needs.  She offers many group activities as well as assists residents who prefer self-directed activities.  Resident preferences and varying abilities are considered and she adapts the activities to meet individual needs.

Three main areas of focus are recreational, religious and educational.  Our activities director is licensed to drive Long Term Care's bus and she takes residents on outings like horse therapy, area dining experiences and community events.

Public Spaces

We have a family room within the facility, as well as a spacious sun room attached to the east dining room.  Both of these areas are equipped with comfortable seating and are available to residents and their guests.

Laundry and Housekeeping Service Provided

We have housekeeping services around the clock, and laundry service is provided.

Beauty Shop

We have a beauty shop onsite that is staffed by a licensed beauty operator.  It is open every Monday.

Personal Hygiene

Residents have the option of bathing in the whirlpool tub or showering.

Cable Television

Cable is provided at no additional cost.

Services and Amenities

Room Options

There are three types of rooms available in Long Term Care:

  • Semi-private
  • Private
  • Suite

A semi-private room, also known as a "double," is a room that is shared with another resident.  There is a shared restroom with a toilet and a sink.

A private room is a room designed for one resident.  Most private rooms offer a restroom that is shared with another resident.  The restroom contains a toilet and a sink.

A suite is a private room that is larger than a standard private room.  Essentially, a suite is a "double" sized room designed for single occupancy.  Some suites share a restroom with another suite while other suites have a private restroom.

At any time, there may be a waiting list for the rooms listed above. If you have any questions, you may contact the Long Term Care director or social worker at (515) 386-2114.


Our connection with Greene County Medical Center allows us to offer more than other nursing home facilities might be able to - a full-time pharmacist, two registered dieticians, an activities director and a full physical rehabilitation staff ready to work with our residents.