Greene County Medical Center DAISY Award Recipients

Theresa Davis, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

“Theresa went above and beyond providing extra care, comfort and support to the patient and her large family. The patient’s family stated to me how comforted they felt having Theresa as their nurse. Theresa is patient with her patients and is a great nurse to collaborate with between disciplines.”

Brenda Groves, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

Brenda “spent time making sure [daughter] was comfortable and understood what was going on.  She explained everything she was doing in a way we could understand.  We are both very grateful to have such a smart, kind, compassionate nurse like Brenda available to help during such a stressful time.”  

Gina Geisler, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"Gina's compassion and diligence and persistency to act on a vital that wasn't normal...was a huge part in saving my mother's life.  Hats off to a diligent and exceptional nurse going above and beyond."

Allie Hamilton, RN

Excerpts from nomination letters: 

"Allie took the time to help him and did it without making the patient feel like he was burdening her in any way.  This is truly the definition of a daisy nurse."

"Allison was an awesome help to our family...Allison was there for us and everyone knows the amount of work and compassion she had for our family."

Kelsey Stumbo, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

 "Kelsey not only made sure grandma was comfortable in her last days, but was an advocate for her to get what she needed for comfort.  She also cared for our family, which is a whole job in itself.  When Kelsey was there, I had the same feeling of "it will be alright," just as grandma said.  When I think of Kelsey as a nurse, I think advocate, compassionate.  She "knows" her patients and their family and senses their unspoken needs.  She portrayed the "I have the time" attitude."

Kasey Greteman, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"During his first night, Dad became extremely agitated and difficult to assure his safety, including the risk of another stroke.  Upon our arrival and until Dad became more settled, this nurse took the time to sit with us at the bedside table and provide some much-needed support and reassurance during some of our most worrisome hours.  She continued to do so throughout the end of her shift, and whenever she was on duty during his hospitalization, she would offer hugs and words of encouragement when we needed them the most."

Carol Christensen, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"(Carol) has helped me decorate my room for Halloween and Christmas.  She put things up on shelves that I couldn't reach.  I appreciate her help doing the extra things that I can't do for myself.  She is nice to me.  She always has a happy smile on her face.  I think she really deserves this award."

Sarah Borgeson, RN


Excerpt from nomination letter:

"A few months ago, while Sarah was providing weekly visits to a long-time client, it became increasingly obvious that the client's condition was steadily declining and, soon, he would no longer be able to live at home.  When the client experienced a life-threatening crisis, Sarah personally accompanied the client to the medical center, repeatedly advocated on his behalf, and collaborated with his guardian to ensure that the client could access the level of care he so desperately needed."

Jenny Taylor, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"(Jenny) sat down (with the elderly patient) and went through the entire form as if she had all day.  She was so patient as his answers turned into stories that had nothing to do with the questions.  Jenny did not act bored, frustrated, or out of time.  When the history was completed, which must have taken 10 minutes, she turned the signed form back to PT and made sure he had his appointment card in hand."

Laine Custer, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"(Laine) is resourceful, has a positive attitude and is quite often doing more than required for her fellow staff, clients and students.  Laine listens with her heart and often I hear her say "we have to do what is best for our clients."  I have personally witnessed her compassionate care and genuine kindness with her clients, always portraying "I have the time," even if it means extending the length of her visit - but she is still on time (if not a little early) for her next visit. "

Lori Harrah, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"Lori is passionate about the elderly population and particularly this group (Long Term Care) because that is where she got her start.  She is able to collaborate with residents, families and staff to overcome and develop a resident-centered approach to challenges.  Lori's leadership role in Long Term Care has allowed her to work outside the box - as well as her comfort zone - to ensure residents are a top priority."

Desiree Monaghan, RN

Excerpt from nomination letter:

"Desiree's desire to work with patients and their families is evident through her caring and "going the extra mile" to ensure patients have what they need to succeed at home.  Desiree realizes that it is the small things that make all the difference in the world.  She continuously gives of herself for the betterment of the patients, families and staff."