Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Mammogram Experience was "Simplicity - Really Nothing to It" 



From the moment Pierrette walked through the front doors of Greene County Medical Center, she felt at ease. “Everything was very clean,” she said.  “The staff really cared about everything – they weren’t just working there.”

Pierrette had never used the medical center’s services for care before, but decided to schedule her annual mammogram with Greene County Medical Center’s imaging team.  “Because you have the new Pristina,” she said, referring to the Senographe Pristina 3D mammogram equipment.  “I wanted it on the new machine.”

Greene County Medical Center has offered 3D mammography since the summer of 2018.  3D mammography offers more comfort for the patient; improves the technician’s ability to get a clear, crisp image; and provides the most state-of-the-art results.

“It was definitely a lot more comfortable,” said Pierrette. 
“After eight years of having this done, it was a lot more ergonomic and more natural than before.” Pierrette appreciated the way her radiology tech, Sue Holden, walked her through the procedure. “I was very relaxed. The technologist was fantastic, walking me through everything – it wasn’t just “move here, do this.” Everyone was really wonderful.”

When asked if she would recommend Greene County Medical Center to friends and family, Pierrette said she already had.  


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Schedule your Mammogram Today!

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