Emergency Care

The emergency department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for urgent care and treatment in partnership with SCP Health, a physician-led clinical services organization committed to supporting and promoting service excellence.  We have on-call lab technicians, radiology staff, pharmacists and surgeons available.   

We measure our patient satisfaction through a patient survey that goes out to all of our patients.  Our 2020 percentile score (ranking us against national facilities in the Press Ganey database) is consistently above our 96% target.

Greene County Medical Center is a Level IV Trauma Center.  This designation identifies our ability to provide trauma services and have patients transported, as needed, to a hospital equipped to provide necessary services.  Our helipad allows for quick transfer of patients to larger hospitals when needed.

The average wait time is 19 minutes in our emergency department.  Compare that to the average wait time in Iowa hospitals of 138.2 minutes, and the average national wait time of 222 minutes. You can see why emergency care at Greene County Medical Center won't keep you waiting.

While our wait time is short, our level of care stands tall.  With 16 nurses available to staff the emergency department, there is a cumulative of over 125 years of ER experience.  Emergency personnel have advanced training in trauma, PALS (pediatric advanced life support), ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) and STABLE (stabilization and transfer of a newborn).

In need of emergency services?

Dial 911 - and an ambulance will transport you to the emergency room.

What is a medical emergency?  If you are experiencing symptoms that may result in serious illness, physical impairment or death, consider emergency care.  If you are experiencing symptoms that can be treated in a physician's clinic during daytime hours, consider making an appointment with your physician.