April is Free Occupational Therapy Exam Month

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JEFFERSON, Iowa – 21st Century Rehab at Greene County Medical Center will be offering free Occupational Therapy (OT) exams throughout the entire month of April.

Tyler Ommen, the Occupational Therapist at the Jefferson location, said his title can be a little confusing. “Our focus is on functionality,” he explained. “We work with people on adapting or strengthening particular areas so they can perform daily activities that they either need to do or enjoy doing.” In some cases this could be making sure patients can perform bathing and grooming functions or treating patients with repetitive strain injuries so they can perform those activities without pain.

Ommen went on to explain that when you think of the word “occupational” as it relates to therapy, it can be defined as anything you find meaningful and necessary. “With children, for example, their occupation is play and that is how they learn, so a lot of pediatric occupational therapists will incorporate play into the therapy plan.”

Typical reasons patients would see Ommen at 21st Century Rehab in Greene County Medical Center include those repetitive strain injuries, post-surgical hand treatments, fractures of the hands, Dupuytren’s disease or fasciotomies, chronic swelling, chronic pain, arthritis, lymphedemas, chronic edemas and much more.

Patients scheduling a free exam will consult with Ommen and discuss any problems they may be experiencing. He will conduct an assessment if necessary and discuss with the patient a potential plan for any additional testing and treatment options.

Free exams can be booked with online at www.21stcenturyrehab.com/free-exams/. Patients can also call 515-386-4284 for more information or to schedule an appointment.