Chronic Migraine Relief Now Available at Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic

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Chronic Migraine Sufferers Can Find Relief at Greene Co


JEFFERSON, Iowa – A newly introduced treatment at the Greene County Medical Center is already benefiting up to five patients per month. Dr. Keith Barnhill, PhD, CRNA, ARNP, a provider in the Pain Clinic, said they are able to inject Botox into specific muscles to alleviate the pain associated with chronic migraine headaches as well as cervical dystonia.

“Injections of Botox work to release muscle tension and this can be beneficial in relaxing those muscles and their associated nerves to reduce migraine pain,” explained Dr. Barnhill. “We are able to offer relief for up to three to four months with patients who are experiencing chronic migraines; which are defined as those lasting at least four hours on 15 or more days per month.”

Cervical dystonia is a condition in which neck muscles contract involuntarily. The contractions pull or twist the head to either side, forward or backward. This creates neck pain for the patient that often causes headaches and radiating shoulder pain. Since there is no cure, patients are treated for the signs and symptoms with Botox injected into the neck muscles.

A referral from the patient’s primary care provider is required to be seen at the Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic. Chronic migraine patients must also have tried preventive treatments before they will be considered for Botox injections.