DOT Physicals Now Available At Greene County Medical Center

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Diana Smith, DNP

JEFFERSON, Iowa – Greene County Medical Center’s Occupational Medicine provider, Diana Smith, DNP, is pleased to announce that comprehensive Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals can now be done right here in Jefferson.

DOT physicals are required for those who drive any kind of commercial vehicle, such as a school bus, taxi, semi-tractor/trailer or the like. “This is typically for anyone who is not driving for themselves, but does so as part of their occupation. For example, farmers generally do not have to receive a physical if they are driving only for themselves,” Smith explained. “However, if that farmer drives for anyone else, they are required to have a DOT exam.”

Smith is certified by the federal government for the complete, head-to-toe physicals. These include the physical exam of the heart and lungs, etc., a urine screening to look for health conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease, a vision check, cardiac screening and a comprehensive review of the driver’s medical history, medications, injuries or surgeries. Patients can expect to go through the initial screening and testing with nursing staff and then the thorough examination by Smith.  

DOT physical appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday. The patient will need to provide their driver’s license, all pertinent medical records, particularly from providers who would have needed to supply clearance for the patient to drive. There is also additional paperwork for those with diabetes. “If there are any questions about what to bring, this can be discussed with their primary care provider prior to the appointment,” Smith added. “They will be happy to provide any necessary paperwork for the patient to bring with them to their physical.”

Smith believes this added service is a major benefit for our region and for our professional drivers. “This doesn’t replace your regular exam with your primary provider, but it does help us catch conditions before they become a larger problem,” she said. “During these exams, I have found serious heart conditions that have resulted in referrals to a cardiologist. These were conditions that would not otherwise been known and could be treated before becoming issues that would impact the patient’s livelihood.

To schedule an appointment or get more information on DOT physicals at Greene County Medical Center, call 515-386-2488.