Greene County Medical Center and Family Medicine Clinic Welcome New Provider: Kaitlyn Bravek, PA-C Joins Medical Staff at the End of November

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Kaitlyn Bravek, PA-C is the newest member of the Family

JEFFERSON, Iowa – Growing up, Kaitlyn Bravek suffered from chronic sinus infections, strep throat and other issues, so she spent a lot of time watching how her provider, a Certified Physician’s Assistant (PA-C) cared for her patients. She said this initial introduction was responsible for her leaning into more science and anatomy based classes during high school and a desire to continue that track into college. “That was my first real introduction into the profession, and I thought, I think I can do that. I really enjoy it,” Bravek said.

Bravek was born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota and her entire family, parents Eric and Karen and her older sister Sydney, are all huge soccer fans. Almost every weekend since she was five they were either playing soccer or she was watching her sister play. That was a huge part of her childhood and her collegiate experience as she entered Simpson College as a biology major and a member of the soccer team. 

In her sophomore year she began working as a nursing assistant and got first-hand experience in providing care. After graduating from Simpson, Bravek really wanted to stay in Iowa. “I applied to several PA programs in Iowa and was accepted at Northwestern,” Bravek explained. “I really enjoyed their philosophy and learning how important a PA is in the rural setting. I really appreciated that and it was something I really wanted to be a part of.”

Bravek identified the Greene County region as an area that contained several great rural communities and an impressive healthcare facility. “At my first interview, I walked up to the front desk and I was completely lost,” she said. “People were more than happy to help me and this is always the best sign when walking into a healthcare facility; that everyone is more than happy to make you feel comfortable. That was something very important to me. It made me want to work here because you just know everyone will be rooting for you.”

Another aspect that is important for Bravek is the ability to forge long-term relationships. “Being able to work in a family medicine clinic and really getting to grow with my patients is something I always looked for and something I can’t wait to experience,” Bravek said.

Being a physician assistant, Bravek explained her training centered on evidence-based medicine. “That means all the care I will be providing has evidence and research behind it that supports it as the appropriate treatment or ‘tried-and-true’ treatment for certain conditions,” she said. “However, every patient is different and what works for every person is going to be a little bit different.”

“I really can’t wait to get to know the patients at Greene County Medical Center and the Family Medicine Clinic and learn what their health objectives are and reach those with them,” Bravek said. “That’s my biggest goal is to get to know the patient and work through every challenge individually to try to reach their overall goal of being healthy.”

Bravek officially became a member of the medical team effective November 27. New patients can schedule appointments by calling the Family Medicine Clinic at 515-386-0500.