Greene County Medical Center Earns Spot on Influenza Vaccination Honor Roll

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Greene County Medical Center Team Members Protect Patie

JEFFERSON, Iowa – In January, Greene County Medical Center joined only 18 other healthcare facilities in Iowa as a member of the Immunization Action Coalition’s (IAC) Influenza Vaccination Honor Roll for their work in preventing the transmission of influenza.

“The leadership at Greene County Medical Center is responsible for developing and tracking these types of safety policies,” said CEO, Chad Butterfield. “However, it is the dedication and commitment to our patients that has resulted in our Team Members stepping up to get vaccinated, creating a safe, protective environment. Every person that works here at Greene County Medical Center should be proud of the part they play in receiving this honor.”

The Influenza Vaccination Honor Roll recognizes healthcare organizations that participate in the development of mandates for a layer of protection and prevention. According to the IAC, for inclusion on the honor roll, medical facilities must require influenza vaccination for all employees and include serious measures to prevent transmission of influenza from unvaccinated workers to patients.

“The flu vaccine helps reduce the risk of serious illness, hospitalization and even death. Flu complications can happen to anyone, but especially infants, young children, people with health conditions and aging adults; which is exactly who we treat and care for each and every day,” explained, Greene County Public Health RN, Deb Wolterman. “I’m very proud of our team for stepping up and getting vaccinated year after year. The more who get vaccinated the better the ‘blanket’ of protection is for our community and those at higher risk. This is just another way our team strides to always go above and beyond to ensure our patients are cared for in a safe and healthy environment while also leading by example. Receiving this honor places Greene County Medical Center in an elite group of healthcare organizations who are taking the lead in truly providing patient-focused care.”

Nationwide, 1,298 organization are listed on the honor roll.