Greene County Medical Center Foundation's Greene Backer Campaign Brings Relief to Many with Pain Clinic Support

Greene County Medical Center Foundation's Greene Backer

JEFFERSON, Iowa – Near the end of each year, the Greene County Medical Center Foundation launches their Greene Backer campaign. Employees and area residents are invited to support the medical center in a variety of different ways, with the 2021 campaign focusing on equipment needed for the new Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic. That campaign was a rousing success, as is the Pain Clinic. Since opening in January of this year, almost 250 patients have been served and over 75 procedures performed, bringing pain relief to our community members, family and friends.

The Greene County Medical Center is inviting patients, area residents and businesses to become Greene Backers by making their donation today for continued support of the Pain Clinic and the equipment needed. Donations will also be directed toward the purchase a new Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EDG) scope. This long flexible tube capped with a camera is used to examine the esophagus, stomach and upper portion of the small intestine.

“I continue to be humbled and proud of the way Jefferson, Greene County and the surrounding communities demonstrate the importance of what we do through their gifts,” says Greene County Medical Center Foundation Director, Nancy Houska. “As these people invest in local, quality healthcare, we are able to return that investment by improving their quality of life in a variety of different ways. It really is a win/win situation for everyone,” Houska adds. “We all see improved health and wellness, gain access to services right here where we live, work and play and benefit from a significant economic impact that is realized through the services Greene County Medical Center offers and the dollars spent in our communities.”

Your tax-deductible support is an investment in our providers, equipment and facilities and can be made in honor or memory of anyone. Recurring gifts are also welcome. To learn more about becoming a Greene Backer or to make a donation by cash, check or credit card, contact Nancy Houska at 515-386-0108, visit, go to the mobile app at or text GreeneBacker to 41444. Cash or checks can also be mailed or hand delivered to the Greene County Medical Center Foundation at 1000 West Lincoln Way in Jefferson.