Churdan Man Finds Real Pain Relief Thanks to Greene County Medical Center Foundation Greene Backers

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Eric Winger, a patient at the Greene County Medical Cen

CHURDAN, Iowa –Eric Winger knew he needed professional medical help after severe headaches, neck and eye pain made him prone to accidents, affected his everyday mobility and resulted in his being laid off from his job. His primary care provider referred the Churdan resident to a specialist in Ames, nearly an hour away in each direction.

“The pain would shoot up my neck into my eye. It was so painful I could not walk,” said Eric. “When an episode would come there was not enough Ibuprofen or Tylenol, Icy-Hot, cold and hot packs or more pillows to make a difference with the pain.”

After two years of more medications to try, but no relief, and no real answers, Eric’s wife, Uvette, decided they should consult primary care provider, Diana Smith, DNP at Greene County Family Medicine Clinic.

Their next referral was right here at home with the Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic. Dr. Rich Jacobson, CRNA and Dr. Keith Barnhill, CRNA, who both specialize in pain management, joined the Medical Center Pain Clinic when it opened in January of this year. Desperate for answers, Eric made an appointment. He left with answers and was finally on a journey to recovery.

“I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot. Other hospitals and specialists were not providing treatment that was helping,” said Eric. “I was at least hoping for something better, and it has been exceptional. The nurses, staff, doctors, everyone has been phenomenal.” Eric has noticed a significant change in his quality of life, and he and his wife are thankful to everyone at the Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic.

“I feel like he was not just a statistic here. He was actually a patient they cared about and wanted to help him get better, or at least help him move forward with some relief,” Uvette said.

“I was not getting treated at all for the last two years, I was relying on pain medications that doctors were prescribing and I was just down in life,” said Eric. “I could not work or enjoy life. I would recommend the Pain Clinic to 10-out-of-10-people, it is a great addition to the hospital. Coming to the Pain Clinic at Greene County Medical Center has been an absolute life-changer.”

The services provided at the Greene County Medical Center Pain Clinic are the result of community support through the Foundation’s annual Greene Backer campaign. This year’s donations will be directed again to the Pain Clinic as well as to the purchase of an EDG scope. To learn more about becoming a Greene Backer or to make a donation, contact Nancy Houska at 515-386-0108, visit, use the mobile app at or text GreeneBacker to 41444. Donations can be mailed or delivered to the Foundation at 1000 West Lincoln Way in Jefferson.