Jefferson Man Calls Greene County medical Center a Beacon of Hope and Healing

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Jefferson Resident, Duane Russell, is grateful for the

JEFFERSON, Iowa – Sixty-two-year old Duane Russell considers himself a pretty healthy individual. He has been a patient at the Family Medicine Clinic and Greene County Medical Center for the nearly three-quarters of his life he has lived in Jefferson, but never had any reason for a stay in the hospital...that is until this past July.

It was nearing time for a routine annual check-up, so when Duane’s arm became swollen, he contacted his primary provider and lined up a battery of tests. It was learned that Duane was anemic and he was given an initial iron infusion before his colonoscopy and GI tests were scheduled for July 11. The first planned procedures for that day were without incident.

The surgical team surpassed his expectations and, “Exhibited a level of friendliness and assistance that brought me great comfort,” Duane said. Once those procedures were complete, he was moved to a room for his second iron infusion. However, this time was dramatically different than the first.

“Within a minute and a half, I felt flush and my stomach was upset, then I passed out,” he said. “My body unexpectedly rejected this infusion.” The medical team flew into action, getting Duane into a bed and rushing the equipment needed into that room to begin treatment as soon as possible.

“It was in that vulnerable state that I witnessed the incredible power of divine intervention as God guided the ER team to my rescue,” Duane said. “I am aware that all departments worked in harmony to ensure my well-being, conducting numerous tests and procedures while I found solace in holding hands with God.”

As the Greene County Medical Center team worked to get Duane stabilized, he said he gradually began to feel his body calming. He felt a sense of peace and gratitude envelope him and his wife, Pete, who had been by his side through the more than nine hour ordeal.

Duane not only wanted to thank his wife, he also expressed his heartfelt thanks to nurses Megan Bonney, whose quick thinking set everything in motion, and Chelsie Thompson who watched over him through that critical time, and to Dr. Phillip Barns, the Emergency Department physician who utilized his expertise in guiding him through this health emergency. But Duane’s thankfulness did not stop there.

“I encountered an array of caring individuals whom I wish I could personally thank by name,” he said. “All of them contributed to my healing journey. Throughout my visit, I witnessed the dedication and commitment of the multiple team shift changes. The seamless coordination and care provided by each member were nothing short of exceptional.”

Not one to typically share personal experiences in a public platform, Duane felt it was important that he pass this information along, both for his faith and for the community to know about the exceptional care he received at Greene County Medical Center. “May you continue to be a beacon of hope and healing in our community,” added Duane, “bringing comfort to countless others who find solace in your care.”