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Payment Options and Programs

At Greene County Medical Center, we want you to understand the various financial assistance programs available to you.  You may call our Financial Counselor at 515-386-0278 or our Patient Account Representative at 515-386-0117 at any time to learn more.

Health Care Cost Estimates and Payment Expectations

Greene County Medical Center wants our patients to be as informed as possible about their health care costs.  Therefore, patients with scheduled procedure appointments will receive a call from a medical center representative prior to an appointment to review the service and its associated costs.  Payment expectations at point-of-service will also be discussed.

This process will provide patients with the knowledge of health care costs associated with services and care provided prior to a procedure.

While the most accurate information on procedure costs will be provided, unexpected additional services during a procedure, or procedures being done and charged through a separate provider, are always a possibility.  Deductibles and co-insurances can also deviate after the initial contract.

Improved communication about health care costs and payment processes will help patients become better informed about their health care choices.

Our goal is to work with our patients to provide accurate cost estimates and payment expectations.  If you would like to meet with a financial advocate, please call and make an appointment.

If you do not have insurance:

A Financial Counselor can help you to determine if you qualify for any of the following programs.


If you meet the rules for Title 19, the Financial Counselor may refer you to a Medicaid specialist.  This person can answer your questions and help you fill out an application.

Financial Assistance

If you are not able to pay for all of your bill, you may qualify for financial assistance.  The amount of assistance you receive will depend on:

  • Household income
  • Number of dependents, and
  • Assets

 Payment Arrangements

If you do not qualify for Medicaid or Financial Assistance, you will be asked to make payment arrangements with the business office.  The amount you pay on a monthly basis for your account will be based on the balance of your bill.

Call 515-386-0278 to reach the Financial Counselor or 515-386-0117 for the Patient Account Representative.

If you have insurance:

We will submit to your insurance company for payment.  However, you are responsible to make sure your bill is paid in full.  It is also your responsibility to be aware of any exclusions, benefits, co-payments and deductibles outlined in your insurance plan.  We will ask for your insurance card each time you register at the hospital to make sure our records are up-to-date.

Medicare Patients

If you are a Medicare patient or have opted for a Medicare Advantage Plan, we will submit your services to your insurance company.  After we have received payment from Medicare and any supplemental insurance, you will receive a bill for any remaining balance.

We are required to bill Medicare following specific guidelines and procedures, which include:

  • Asking a series of questions to help us decide whether Medicare should be listed as the primary or secondary insurance. These questions are required to be reviewed each time you register at the medical center to make sure our information is correct.
  • We are also required to make sure that any test or procedure ordered by a patient's physician is medically necessary. If Medicare does not consider the test or procedure necessary, you will be asked to sign a form informing you that Medicare will not pay for the service and that you agree to pay for the test or procedure.

For questions regarding Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, please call our Medicare specialist at 515-386-0297.

Medicaid Patients

If you have Medicaid, you must be eligible for coverage at the time of service and present your card.  If your Medicaid card shows you have any additional insurance, you must also present that insurance card at the time of registration.  We will verify eligibility at the time of service.  For questions regarding Medicaid, please call our Medicaid specialist at 515-386-0117.