How Greene County Medical Center Skilled Care Helped Scranton Man Get Back Home

On March 24th, 2022, Larry Barr was getting ready to undergo open heart surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After the completion of his surgery, the Scranton resident spent 14 days as an inpatient before traveling 230 miles back to Greene County. However, Larry was not ready to return to his home and resume his normal day-to-day activities.

“I was needing some extra help,” said Larry Barr. “I needed help because I could not physically walk for that long – I could not walk without a walker and I could not go home.” 

The solution was Skilled Care at Greene County Medical Center, a service provided to patients who require additional hospitalization after an injury, illness, hospital stay, or in Larry’s case, a surgical procedure. Skilled Care provides patients with an opportunity to transition safely from an acute or inpatient hospital setting to Skilled Care, and finally to their home or previous living environment. 

After the decision was made that Larry would need Skilled Care, the next question was where? Greene County Medical Center was the closest to home, and was the most convenient option for them. Had it not been an option, Larry would have to drive outside of Greene County to surrounding cities to find the care that he needed.

When Larry arrived to Greene County Medical Center in early April, he was growing tired of hospitals, and could not wait to return to his own bed back home. For the next eight days, he would work to do exactly that. Larry’s journey however, was not an easy one.

“I cannot imagine what it would have been like if I would have had to go home after my surgery. Everyone here was so willing to help, whoever was caring for me that day to me, they did all they could to help make me get better. And in those eight days I did get better.”

Being unable to walk without a walker was difficult, but he was impressed by the staff that saw him through it.

“If Greene County Medical Center had not been here it would have been extra mileage for my family to drive. This is a great offering, and everyone should know that if they need Skilled Care, it is here.”

The convenience of Greene County Medical Center’s Skilled Care department, and the helpful staff made his eight day stay one he is thankful for. Larry was able to go back home with confidence. A few months later, Larry was back, only this time it was to share his story and say thank you.

As Larry walked the halls of Skilled Care, he chatted with the nurses and staff before asking if he could go into what was once his room for eight days back in April. As he opened the door and looked around, Larry was thankful that Greene County Medical Center was there for him when he needed help.

“I was not ready to go home, and the eight days I spent here got me to the point where I could go home, safely and confidently. I don’t ever want to have to do it again, but if I did, I would do it here, at Greene County Medical Center.”

After Larry’s stay at Greene County Medical Center, he was able to move home where he is happy to be. Larry is also enrolled in the Greene County Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation program which is helping him continue to improve every day.

If you or a loved one needs additional help after an illness, injury, surgery, or hospital stay, Skilled Care at Greene County Medical Center is here to help you safely transition back home or to your previous living environment.

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Watch the video below for more of Larry's story!